Success Stories

“Inspiring Generosity” is the leading stewardship education resource in the United Church of Christ, used yearly by numbers of congregations, with an emphasis on the theological and biblical motivation for giving, the mission giving makes possible, and fundraising techniques proved most successful.

“How to Ignite Your Congregation: Generous Giving,” the most recent book, shapes all the work of Long Looking, engaging biblical stories to stimulate deeper personal faith, church enthusiasm, and financial planning. Recognized leaders endorsing this book include William Enright, former Director, The Lake Institute, Center on Philanthropy, Indianapolis; and Anthony Robinson, prominent church consultant working in the U.S. and Canada.

William Green has coordinated successful stewardship/capital campaigns in Connecticut, Michigan, North Dakota, New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Concern about the grounding of stewardship and fundraising in the broader life of faith is reflected in a number of adult education series in church, Association, and Conference settings, focusing on prophetic leadership, sharing faith in a secular environmet, and the personal significance of Jesus.